Welcome Gesture to the Kid by General Manager of Ashram – GNAAB

Blog March 29, 2019

Guru Nanak Orphan Care Home becomes a supporter of dolt child. Adampur, july 9 reporter: Sukhwinder Dua:- speaks the truth that orphans are always protected by lord. In village Maksuda, people have a worry word with local police officers regarding a mental deficient boy. With the help of police efforts, the boy was taken to Guru Nanak Orphanage and authorities of care home accepts the kid with wide open arms by saying that this establishment works for such poor section of society. The orphanage dominion serves them day and night, with full care of health and hygiene. The care home assures to take the responsibility of finding the real parents of the boy or even if possible to settle him down with a foster family. General Manager urged that we ought to make a family here with every having their own specialty features and this boy being new member is all welcome to their happily living menage.