No One Has Every Become Poor By Giving -GNAAB

Blog September 5, 2019

Giving is a part of human nature and no one has ever become poor by helping other by giving or donating useful items! You can’t even imagine how many people go to bed hungry or how many are left alone helpless as orphanages. There are many Government or Non-Government organisations trying to provide these helpless people all the basic thing they need for a living like food, clothes, shelter or medication. These working bodies can’t really work without the help of common people. So play your part in the most kind deed in this world – HELP!

Let it be anything, food, old clothing, shelter material, medical care or money donation, Guru Nanak Anath Ashram accepts all kind of donations that can help our family member in the orphanage in living a better life. Help Us In Keeping Humanity Alive!