Guru Nanak Anath Ashram Budhiana


Guru Nanak care home is a family run care home set in a beautiful secluded location called Budhiana village. It started back in 2004, when S. Surinder singh initiated at his house no. 309, street no. 3 in New Joginder nagar. In 2012 he took over Guru Nanak Anath Ashram and shortly after that it got registered under Income Tax Rebate.

Guru Nanak Anath Ashram Today

Surinder singh’s health deteriorated as he got older and ironically, he passed away on feburary 19,2017. After his death Bibi Karamjit kaur missed him terribly, but carried on his legacy. Guru Nanak Ashram continues to be a thriving care home in the heart of the local community, and although Bibi Kramjit kaur has made many changes since his passing, she remarks often about how proud he would be that the home is so lovely today.

A Formidable Team:

  • Bibi Karamjit kaur (President)
  • S.Surinder singh (General Secetary feburary 19,2017)
  • Master Tarsem singh (Meet Pardhan)
  • Vikram singh (Cashier)
  • Amarajit singh (General Secretary)
  • Harpreet singh (Society Member)
  • Sandeep Bagga (Society Member)
  • Kamaljit kaur (Society Member)


We create a warm and inclusive environment in which our residents can feel a real sense of security and belonging, while at the same time retaining their dignity and self respect. By putting quality first in everything we do for each person. We support and for all our residents, we hope to be the best service provider and employer of choice in the communities.

Giving them better opportunities in life with regards to: Food, Portable Water , Shelter , Clothing , Medicare , Education These opportunities will be provided in a home filled with love and care, enabling the children becomes valuable members of society.


Care Mission: Providing the quality of care, in state of the art, and support the hospitality purposely in building families.

Team Mission: We function to have a happy, skilled and responsive team, through training and mentoring so as to make our environment to be warm and homely.

Community Mission: Our evidence based practice and commitment to continuous improvement. Also, meaningful partnerships with the people we support, commissioners and stakeholders to share our learning and resources to support local communities.


We often use the word ‘passionate’. We don’t use it glibly: we don’t trot it out because it sounds good. we use it because it underpins everything we do in our everyday working lives.When people choose Guru nanak Care Home, they are placing a great deal of trust in us,at a time when they are often under great stress. We’re passionate about returning that trust by providing a service that enables our residents to live enriched and happy lives.We provide residents with opportunities to take up indoor and outdoor activities that stimulate them physically and mentally, while at the same time allowing them to maintain their individuality and independence.

Aim & Objective

  • To provide children and geriatric people, a holistic care for their development.
  • To give children conducive environment which provides them freedom to foster creativity and curiosity.
  • To ensure Education for all by providing free-of-cost remedial education to underprivileged children and youngsters.
  • We provide assistance to enable each resident to realize his or her aims and goals in all aspects of daily life to extend the full potential of each individual.
  • To help rural women learn vocational skills and attaining financial independence.
  • To create reliable models for the country.
  • To bridge the gap between urban and rural India.
  • To create a cycle of giving back. Where talent gives back to their homes instead of flowing towards urban cities.

Legal Status